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MOON DROP Handmade Sterling Silver Necklace with Rainbow Moonstone

This necklace has been lovingly handcrafted from 100% recycled sterling silver to hold a peaceful mountain scene within a tactile crescent of silver, adorned with a stunning Rainbow Moonstone.

The chain measures 18 inches long, made from high quality Sterling Silver with a handmade easy-to-use clasp.

The Rainbow Moonstone used in this piece is particularly eye-catching with bright flashes of sky blue. Traditionally, it is a stone associated with dreams, insight, primal intuition, and guidance through the dark...


This is an original piece, handmade entirely from recycled sterling silver; a lengthy process of transformation that results in a meaningful piece of jewellery infused with hours of love and care. If purchased you will receive the exact necklace pictured, and it will ship within 5 working days, lovingly gift-wrapped.

Thank you for supporting artists and handmade products this holiday season.