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MOONLIGHT MIST Phantom Brandberg Amethyst & Sterling Silver Necklace

Lovingly handcrafted from recycled sterling silver, this necklace holds an Amethyst Spirit Quartz crystal adorned with handmade details and a colourful rainbow Moonstone.

A design inspired by early winter mornings and the bright, twinkling frost that covers hedgerows and countryside; sparkling in the moonlight.

The chain is sturdy sterling silver and measures 26" long. Can be shortened on request- please leave a note at checkout if you wish.

This Spirit Quartz has been purchased directly from the family that mines it in South Africa. Spirit Quartz is a special type of quartz that consists of one single point covered in a layer of tiny, perfectly formed points that are considered to work together in harmony to enhance the overall vibration of the stone, making them favourite stones for meditation or energy healing work.


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